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We are the

Shadows Magic Band

The ensemble was founded in the summer of 2014 as Shadows Magic T. Band by two ex Atlas musicians, bass guitarist György Horváth and solo guitarist Gábor Bíró (Doki). The band also included keyboardist István Igaz, drummer Gábor Rácz and rhythm guitarist István Rudas.

The band’s  debut concert took place in Deák Square. In Újpest, in the cellar of the City Hall, and later in the mirror hall of the Polgár Centrum, the band performed on every last Saturday of the month.

There have been several member changes recently, we have been playing in the current line-up since 2017. In addition to well-known guitar bands and authors – Shadows, Ventures, Spotnicks, Lennart Clerwall songs – we like to play instrumental songs by other bands and authors, but we also have a couple of vocal compositions.

Founding member György Horváth’s tragic death in November 2018 deeply touched the band, we always keep his memory alive.

Singer János Vass joined the band in September 2019.

So the Shadows Magic Band plays the music you love too: guitar music, instrumental music, oldies and other songs that can be danced well !

shadows magic band

Members of the band

ferenc Pfeiler


jános Vass


István Igaz


lászló Náfrádi

chord guitar

tibor Slamovits

Lead guitar


bass guitar


ferenc Pfeiler


I started drumming at the age of 13, giving the first concert of my life at the age of 15 with a band called EARL with whom we played melodic rock music. My father drummed in a brass band, hence the idea that I would play drums too.

At the age of 16 I learned classical drumming with HEINRICH KNAUER drums in his school. At the age of 18 I studied jazz drumming at the school of Gyula Kovács.

I was greatly influenced by the plays of BILLY COBHAM, DAVE WECKL, BUDDY RICH, JACK DE JOHNETTE, STEVE GADD, and plenty of other world class drummers who mainly represent the jazz rock style.

The bands so far where I have played without claiming completeness:



bass guitar

I first met the guitar in 1966! I studied music theory and practice on six strings with the famous piano and guitar teacher Nándor Hutira !

I already had a band in elementary school. I was a solo guitarist then! In high school, I realized that – since I also drummed – I like the four-stringed one better, because there is both the melody and the rhythm !

That’s when I married the bass guitar, and that love continues to this day.

I played for many years in the band Hellions as well as in an ABBA tribute band, ABBA Feeling. I’ve always loved instrumental music, which is why I joined the Shadows Magic Band in 2017, which continues to this day !



keyboard instruments

I started my musical studies when I was 8 when my parents enrolled in the music school next to us. My first instrument was the piano, but after five years I recorded the violin and learned both in parallel. As interesting, the success of the year -end exam concerts was the performance of the 3 Igaz brothers.

Since my two sisters learned piano there, they are four -handed
They accompanied my violin game on the piano. There were more than 6 guarantors
Piano, and there was Gyula Papp, one of my partners who later became a well -known musician – Scorpio, dynamite, mini…

In high school, rock madness started, each class had their own band and big battles were the best on weekends. We proved it because in 1968 we won the amateur band competition and played the summer at the KISZ camp in Nógrádverőce. Of course, the violin remained, I played in different symphonic bands.

I have been playing in different bands for 25 years. The most successful are not exhaustive:
– Vakapád, Hellions, Abba Feeling, Syconor

From April 2023 I will play music in the Shadows Magic Band.


Tibor Slamovits

lead guitar

I started plucking the guitar when I was 14, and I was active in 1966-1971. At that time I played in different bands, the best known formation was the LUW band. I was playing here with my brother Slamo, then he was playing bass guitar. We got to a lot of places in the catchment area of ​​Miskolc and Sajószentpéter, the culture house of the latter city gave us a regular home and equipment.

Then the military ended my music in 1971, at which point I finally put down my guitar.

In 2010, in preparation for my retirement, I came up with the idea that I should pluck again, as it is a good little busy. I made a Youtube channel called “Slamo1950” where you can find guitar music and other instrumental tracks, old time songs, Shadows, Ventures, Spotnicks, Lennart Clerwall songs. I also have a website called Slamo1950. . .

Then in 2017, my musician friends persuaded me to live music, so I joined the band SHADOWS MAGIC BAND.


László Náfrádi


In 1965, I got a Russian drum guitar in which I made myself a pickup made of door magnets and the enamel wire wound on it. Later, a volume control button was added.

We formed the Fragil band at school events. In 1972, I took an exam at the Guitar Department in the Klára Juhász Music Teachers’ Community as a student of Professor Tibor Csepei.

After that, I took an exam at the NSZL as a member of the Fragil band. (National Entertainment Music Center). From then on, we could officially undertake performances, we performed in many cultural houses in Pest county. I enlisted as a soldier in 1976, where we had the opportunity to play in the Officers’ Club for 2 years.

1965 – 1976 Fragil ensemble, 1976 – 1978 Soldier band, 1978 – 1980 Panorama ensemble, 2005 – 2013 I played as an external and then internal member of the Hellions ensemble, in 2011 ABBA Feeling

I have been playing in the band Shadows Magic since 2015, and in parallel I have been playing in the band Nautilus since 2016.


jános vass


I gained the basics of music in the elementary school of singing and music, where I also acquired some instrumental knowledge (flute, clarinet, then guitar).

My father provided the basics of light music, as the music has been playing in the apartment day and night since I was a child, offering the opportunity to get closer to many genres and their famous performers, from rock and roll to disco, pop, and rock to Dixieland. to avoid.

More serious musicianship started at the college in Szeged, where my great guitarist friend entertained our narrower and wider group of friends countless times. Later, moving to Budapest, I was able to try myself in other formations. I sang on fashion shows and exhibition openings on a CD basis, transcribed world hit arrangements with excellent orchestration in a chamber orchestra, and in party bands – entertaining and dancing participants in festivals, corporate gatherings or even weddings.

My favorite styles are rock ‘n’ roll and rock, but I also love to sing blues or just funky.